Thursday, March 22, 2007

NFL Free Agency Update

It is cherry blossom time in Japan, which means that the NFL is scrambling to trade & sign players before the draft and its incipient huge signing bonuses.

Here are some updates on transactions of note:

Falcons traded solid QB Matt Schaub to Texans for draft picks. The Falcons need to have two good backups behind Vick who has been taking a beating leading the Falcons running game. Schaub probably likes being named the immediate starter but he'll soon find that it's far safer on the Falcons sideline than behind the Texans O-line. Will 6 years for $48 mil be just compensation for spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair?

Redskins traded overrated Anglo-American S Adam Archuleta to the Bears. In keeping with the last ten years of Redskins free agent busts, Archuleta should have a career year for the Bears in 2007. The Redskins received a sixth round pick for Archuleta, highest paid safety in the NFL. The Redskins have to pay this anus $5 million after this trade is finalized. Sweet money management, that.

Broncos continue to exhibit a spastic free agency, adding Anglo-American WR Brandon Stokely with a one-year contract. They better hope that young kid from Vandy works out for them at QB, because they seem to be putting all their chips on winning it all in 2007.

Vikings signed soon-to-be-out-of-the-NFL QB Drew Henson to a one year contract. Nice try, Vikes. Swing and a miss.


Miwacar said...

Henson was actually on their practice squad this last season. They don't expect him to be a starter or anything, only a back up. so, it is not so much a swing and a miss Mr. BCock.

Badcock said...

Don't be upset because he's your special bum boy.

Hey, what ever happened to Lobster Boy, aka Qadry Ismail?