Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Sixteen Update: Kansas vs. SIU

The score as I write is 19-13. If Kansas could keep the turnovers down, they might be blowing this game out. They've had more success finding open looks than any team I've seen play SIU thus far. SIU, meanwhile, is really struggling to make baskets. You can credit the underrated defense of Kansas, but it also seems to me that Jamal Tatum has had a couple of open looks from 3, and just isn't hitting. If he doesn't start connecting soon, this game will be a long one for the Salukis.

SIU is not built for comebacks, generally speaking. They don't have to be, as they play such tough defense that its awfully tough to get a big lead on them. Kansas' operating theory, like it is in every game, is to push the ball up quickly, and get behind the SIU defense. Its working, except that they seem to be in such a hurry that they are chucking a couple of balls away. And, as I said, the Jayhawks are getting pretty good looks even in the halfcourt set.

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