Saturday, March 24, 2007

Elite Eight, Day One Preview

Memphis vs. Ohio State--The big name in this game is of course Greg Oden. And then almost all the role players for Ohio State after him--Mike Conley, Jr, a fine point guard in his own right, and Terwilliger, and Lewis, and the rest. But watch out, Memphis (who I have doubted all year long) seem to be the real deal. Joey Dorsey is built like a fucking truck, or a fucking Greek God who is black and has been working the shoulders a little too hard. He can't elevate over Oden, but he can draw contact. Oden's shown a penchant for foul trouble against physical centers. Never forget, that Oden, even though he looks like your Dad's buddy from work, is only 18.

Player to watch: Douglas-Roberts, Memphis. How healthy is he? If his ankle is anywhere above 85%, he presents massive match-up problems for the Buckeyes.

Kansas vs. UCLA--This is a battle of philosophy right here. UCLA plays nasty, grind down, slow ball, with the occasional kick-out to shockingly streaky Affalo. Kansas runs like a motherfucker, and has better athletes. Don't forget (it's easy to) that UCLA was in the final game last year.

Player to watch: Mario Chalmers. Both teams have stars. Can UCLA keep up with the Kansas backcourt? They can if Mario Chalmers has another off night. But if Mario and Brandon Rush are both hitting, then Kansas wins.

My predictions stay the same as they were at the beginning of the tournament: Kansas handles UCLA, and uhh, Ohio Sate loses to Texas A&M.

OK, so that prediction is by the wayside. I disregarded Memphis. But now, I like them to beat a young, inexperienced Ohio State.

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