Thursday, March 22, 2007

Phew! First Two Games Done

Kansas just barely escapes with the win over SIU. In a way, it was an impressive win for them--SIU dictated the pace and style of the game. Kansas wins games usually by scoring 80 points or more. They won this one with some key shots (hey next time, let's get Brandon Rush the ball a little more, hmm?) and tough defense. I think most people who knew that neither team would get to 65 points would think that SIU wins that game.

Jamaal Tatum was huge at the end for SIU, but wasn't enough to overcome the play of Chalmers, Rush and Julian Wright. A kind of bonedaddy of a move from Falker for SIU sealed the deal.

I only saw the final five minutes of A&M and Memphis, but that was a fucking battle. But c'mon, Aggies--you got to board the fucking basketball, you humps. And I'm declaring Shenanigans on that decision by the refs in the closing moments. But, oh well.

This was the first time I saw Memphis' Chris Dorsey--good Lord, that kid is built like a fucking tank. He'll be a handful for whoever he faces next.

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