Thursday, March 08, 2007

Doug Gottlieb Don't Make No Goddamned Sense!

Doug on Georgia Tech's chances to get to the NCAA Tournament: "I think they're in, but if they have to be careful. If they lose to Wake Forest [in the first round of the ACC] then they're headed to the NIT."

Now, I know what Doug means here. He's saying, barring an upset, GA Tech is in. But then he should say that. The fact is, GA Tech isn't "in" if they need to win one more game to be in. They're "out", or they "have more work to do", or they "need to take care of business". They are any number of things. But the thing they are most definitely not yet is "in."

It's fine when the Tournament is 2 months away, and you've got Joe Lunardi and his Fellow Bracketologists (ugh) telling you who is in and who is out. But this close to the tournament, the terminology should no longer be that "in" is some guy's assumption that this team will win the games they need to win to get in. It confuses things. It's why casual Syracuse fans can't understand why they might still be a bubble team. (Hint--look how you spent the first 2 months of the season).

If UCLA loses in the PAC-10, they are still in. If GA Tech loses, they are out. That's the difference between "in" and "not in", Doug. Ya big dummy.

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