Saturday, March 17, 2007

Games in the Second Round to Watch

Butler vs. Maryland--Butler guard A.J. Graves is Steve Nash, if Steve Nash were raised by wolves. He's a weird feral beast. If he has one of his Jimmy Chitwood games, watch out.

Winthrop vs. Oregon--Winthrop plays tough defense and likes to go inside to Bradshaw. Oregon is primarily a great jumpshooting team that likes to run out. Oregon can act like they agreed to play a slow game against Miami of Ohio, but if they "agree" to play that tempo again, they'll get their asses kicked by the Big South champion. Look for points off of turnovers to be the key stat here. If Oregon can fast break on Winthrop, this could be a blow out. If they can't--watch out, it may come down to the last shot.

UNC vs. Michigan State--I don't give the Spartans a tinker's chance in this game. But then there is Tom Izzo. And then there is Roy Williams, who was regularly outcoached when he was at Kansas.

Nevada vs. Memphis--Memphis is still the most likely #2 seed to exit early, and Nevada, who may have frontcourt height advantage, is going to be a tough out for Memphis. Again, pace decides this game. If Memphis can run, they'll win. If it is a game of half-court, Nevada may not just win, but blowout Memphis.

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