Monday, March 19, 2007

Take that, ex-girlfriends!

I wasn't ignoring you to play stupid video games--I was ignoring you so I could attempt to improve the health of my eyes! Do you feel bad now? I hope so.

Reports Lee Bowman:

"In [the current issue of the journal Psychological Science], researchers from the University of Rochester in New York report that playing action video games for an hour or so daily actually helps sharpen visual acuity. "

I have to say, this seems like a perfect storm--no college basketball or Heroes tonight; this study comes out, and I get God of War II in the mail today?

Clearly the universe is saying, "Damn it, man. Play some God of War II tonight. And maybe a little Guitar Hero, too."

Fine, universe. You win.

1 comment:

Badcock said...

Big BM, I am still simply stunned that you don't smoke marijuna.

Don't you know it makes video games better and even makes crappy Midwestern pizza taste delicious?