Sunday, March 11, 2007

Georgetown Wins the Big East Tournament!

Youtube's lack of clips of Jeff Green's incredible skills tells me everything I need to know about how under the radar the Hoyas are. Which is shocking--they won the regular season, and tonight, they absolutely crushed Pittsburgh. Crushed.

This team is incredibly undervalued, and I say that as they enter the Tournament as a probable #2 in the East, or possibly (though doubtfully) a #1. But this wasn't some Misssissippi or Houston they knocked off in the Finals of their Tournament. Pittsburgh is rightfully ranked in the Top 15, and have been all year. And Georgetown destroyed them tonight.

Part of that is that the Big East in general is undervalued, in part because of defections to the ACC, like Boston College and VA Tech. But this league is still getting 6-8 teams (I still can't believe Syracuse is in, but it appears it is so) in. And the top of the conference is undeniably tough. So for awhile, the fact that Georgetown was winning this league didn't mean much.

But the players this team has--man. Roy Hibbert can dominant the paint whenever he wants. Jeff Green, in my mind, is still the most versatile player in college. Why he isn't being talked about for Player of the Year I don't know, except that maybe he isn't selfish enough. But you are talking about a guy who is 6' 9", and on any given night, he might score 20 points; he might have 4 steals; he might have 8 blocks; he might have 7 assists, or 12 rebounds. He's a cool, calm presence, for a team that plays hectic defense, and runs a patient offense. And then you add sniper Wallace into the mix, or Jesse Sapp, just an all-around energy guy, or Patrick Ewing, Jr. This team is fucking dangerous. And sure, I grew up a Hoya fan (my Pops was a professor at G-Town for a few years), and I used to watch the Ewing-Sampson battles. But I'm sold. This team has Final Four written all over them.

So, even though it's a couple of months old, here's some of that Georgetown Energy. Enjoy. And if they do end up a #2, that #1 seed should be scared of this team.

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