Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quick Update on the I Dislike Your Favorite Team NCAA Pool

We've already got a couple of our favorite bloggers competing (Leave the Man Alone & The Fan's Attic. And Hey, Fan's Attic just celebrated their first anniversay! Congrats). We've got a Pros vs. Joes Winner, Rodney, from this episode.

We have some pretty damn regular commenters in lbutler36 and someone who I think might be Phil. Both have their own blogs, too, and I'll pimp them here. Deadon & The Double Nickel (respectively).

Come join the fun! No entry fee, and fabulous prizes! (If t-shirts, Jesus statues, and maybe a coffee mug count as fabulous prizes!)

Learn how here: Partake in the March Madness With Us.


lbutler36 said...

The Fan's Attic writes for us over at Deadon as well

Phil said...

Thanks, BBM. Yes, that's me.

I know nothing about College basketball, but I like my chances in this group.

Let's get it on!