Saturday, March 17, 2007

But What of the IDYFT Bracket Challenge?

Someone named Neal Shaffer is in the lead, with an impressive 29 of 32 games picked correctly.

IDYFT contributor Jerious Norwood is right behind Neal, with 28 games.

We have looked at Neal's bracket, and we admire his boldiness. But we feel that he's picked way too many upsets into the Elite 8. UNLV, Virginia, VA Tech, and USC?

We'll be shocked if any of those of teams make it into the Elite 8.

If they all do, then we imagine Neal's are winner.


neal s said...

It's Neal from the Loss Column. I would have given my bracket a clever name but I didn't realize that's the field where you put it. Ah, well...

I didn't even look at the seeds when I made those picks. Now you've got me worried.

Muumuuman said...

Neal's are winner? Did you take some grammer lessons from me?