Friday, March 02, 2007

Do I Have To Go To Rehab if I say That Ann Coulter is one Hateful Nazi?

We stay away from political news here at IDYFT, aside from the occasional jab at our awful, awful, awful, WOW, really awful current administration. And look, support whoever you want to support for 2008. If you think John McCain is a "maverick", so be it. I wish you luck as he kisses Fundamentalist Christian Ass. If you think Guiliani is a Hero because New York City is still a viable city after 9/11, good on you. If you like Hillary or Obama, good on you, again.

But I think we can agree on one thing. The one way to make this sort of bullshit, reactionary, weirdly homophobic public diatribe unacceptable is to make it into a money maker. So whether you think John Edwards has a shot or not, or whether you like him or not, I'd ask that you consider throwing $20 his way.

Seriously, we watched as the Sports World condemned Timmy Hardway for proudly stating he was is Homophobic. Rightfully so, yeah?

How about we do the same thing when Ann Coulter very carefully evades libel and calls John Edwards a Faggot? And the folks who attend the American Conservative Union gasp and then laugh and applaud? Sickening.

Can we agree that's not the thing America needs right now? Even if Edwards were as queer as Liberace, is this something that should be shrugged off? I don't think so. If Edwards were gay, it would be one thing to call him gay, or homosexual. But Ann didn't do that. She called him a "faggot". Or she didn't, but made her intent clear, no?

Fuck her, and fuck her world where it's OK to call anyone a Faggot.

OK, back to sports, where people call each other faggots all the time.


Badcock said...

Obviously, Coulter is a kooky cookie. But's what the big deal about that particular word?

Didn't your people already take it back?

Seriously folks, Obama 2008. He's the only fucking one that didn't vote to invade Iraq. Perhaps because he wasn't in power to do so, but still ... he isn't just a suit, for once.

Fuck Bill Richardson. He is my "governor" but he is running for President. Guess what folks, New Mexico is fucked up. We could use an elected governor right about now.

And that's my anonymous two bits. Shave and a haricut?

kelly said...

An Obama/Edwards ticket would get me dancing. I'm solidly with Obama because of his pre-war stance, but I believe Edwards is a good egg. Ann Coulter's behavior wrecked my sleep. Brilliant idea to send $20 John Edward's way. Consider it done!

Muumuuman said...

I think the democrats are clearly going to pick up some red states by running a black man, a woman, and someone the right can tag as a homosexual. Why not run Howard Dean you jackenapes! It's hard to beat Crazy Karl at Texas Holdem' when you deal him a pair of Aces to start (and with dibold you know the river is an ace). I think they should go all out and run a black lesbian - as long as she and her life partner are hot. That could pick up some red states.

Steve said...

You know what's going to screw Obama?

The fact his name is dangerously close to Osama. I'm being serious here. By that fact alone, the less intelligent part of the electorate will dimiss him, even if he promised to come and cook dinner for every single one of them.

Anne Coulter: She-Wolf of the SS.

Big Blue Monkey said...

muumuuman, poll after poll suggests that both a Black Man and a Woman are more electable than the following:

1. A man over the age of 72 (McCain)
2. A man who has been married 3 times (Guiliani)
3. A Mormon (Mitt Romney, also his name is Mitt. President Mitt? I don't think so).

Also, your joke about the Black Lesbian? More electable than I am, because atheists are the lowest of the low. And in my case, it turns out that my public statements admiring Idi Amin and admitted that I had tried Crystal Meth once, a day for 3 years, would hurt my chances, too, sure.

But apparently, according to the "numbers", take some incredibly popular politician, but make him an atheist--he ain't winning the Presidency.

Badcock said...

I Dislike Your Favorite Bronze-Age Goofy Rituals to Appease Some Conjectured Deity.

Banning bacon, butt-sex, booze and books sure gets a lot of votes, but it won't get mine.

Phil said...

I assume a few of you ahve read this. Hilarious.