Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bloggin' Round-Up: Kahn Does Not Like Peeing Twice!

The Fan's Attic has a lovely story about Oliver Kahn and a pee cup. KAHHHHNNNNNNN!

Leave the Man Alone welcomes the newest African-American woman working Sportscenter. I question LTMA's journalistic credibility, because at no point does she question the name "Sage Steele", which is clearly made up.

Sanford has the video of Paul Robinson, Goalkeeper, striking a goal from 80 yards away. Hilarious!

The Postmen think that Thad Matta is weird, just because he does incredibly weird things.
We think that Mutu is weirder.


The HCIC said...

It's a ridiculous name, but I don't know that it's made up. Her father is named Gary Steele. But Lexington Steele? That's a made up name.

Big Blue Monkey said...

by the way, ladies and gents, that made be the first reference to a male porn star on this here blog. Hard to imagine, but I think it is true.

Congrats to the Head Chick in Charge for sleazing us just a bit more.