Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Shiny New Donkey To the Man Who Brings Me the Head of Colonel Montoya

By which I mean, a "I Dislike Your Favorite Team" T-shirt or Jesus Playing Soccer Statue to anyone who can dig out two pieces of video from the 1994 World Cup, Brazil vs. America. You don't get nothing until I can embed in on the IDYFT site.

1. Leonardo's vicious hit on Tab Ramos, that fucked him right up.

2. The interview that Tab Ramos tried to conduct after the game, but was still so addled he could only manage saying "Hi, I'm Tab Ramos" in response to every question. The interview in question, if I didn't dream it, should include the following exchange:

"Tab, that looked like a pretty tough hit you took. Are you OK?"
"Hi, I'm Tab Ramos!"


lbutler36 said...

Is there a Jesus statue surplus that i am unaware of?

lbutler36 said...

That one's got the hit + killer techno music