Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You can Not Possibly Stop Rivalry Week!

The Living Undead Acolytes of Evil Nosferatu Coach K vs. the Terminally Overrated Babyeaters of Roy "Shucks" Williams.

AKA Duke defending Cameron against NC. They couldn't do it. UNC won in Cameron. Fact is, Duke is 5-5 in the ACC. They didn't lose 5 times to UNC. Maybe Duke ain't that good this year. Maybe the unqualified handjobbery of Josh McRoberts was wrong, and hype. Hey, ESPN, how about we talk about teams that are doing better in the conference than UNC and Duke? Right now, if you took the Top 5 teams in the ACC regardless of National Rank, Duke would be in the NIT. It's a weak ACC, and powerful Duke is 5-5? Eat it, you soulless monsters.

I don't have the power to go through all the games that were important today. But I do have the power to list them all, and link them to people who do actually get paid for their reports. Just trust me that these are the important games.

Florida beats Georgia
UCLA Beat USC in LA stumblefuck
Wisconsin Rolls over shitty competition
Pitt Tells WVA that Finesse Don't Count For Shit This Year
Kansas Rolls Over Kansas State
Clemson beats the bottom of the ACC ladder
Alabama Finds a Way to Not Lose
Purdue buries Michigan State.
Dismiss Salukis over Bradley At Your Peril
One OK team beat another OK team. Who cares.

The Only Game that matters: Georgetown rocks Louisville. Take that Denny Crum, you wrinkled bastard!

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