Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vendetta Over!

I totally agree with Gary Parrish. He's taking the #4 team in the Colonial, the Drexel Dragons, while I've been busy singing the praises of the Winthrop Eagles (who are totally in if they win the Big South tournament, but maybe out if they don't). I've also been singing the Praises of the Mountain West, with BYU, Air Force, San Diego State, and UNLV. The point is, regardless of which team you see as worthy of being in the Tournament, they are getting pushed out by the Mediocre Teams of the so-called Power Conferences. There is talk of 7 or 8 teams in the ACC getting in. If I'm an opposing team, I'd much rather play the #7 team in the ACC or the #5 team in the Big Ten then Winthrop, or BYU, or Drexel. Even after last year, when more small conference teams fucked up more shit than ever before, we're still hearing about Michigan State, and Purdue (What the FUCK?) and Villanova.

Gary, you and I have found a basis for common-ground. I declare Truce on my Vendetta that I called on you, that you had no idea existed. I'm generally against quoting Neville Chamberlain, but I Think We can Have NCAA Peace in our Time. (Again, it helps that one party involved had no idea about the brutal bloody Vendetta that had been launched. Or at least, announced. I'm pretty lazy).

Great awesome games tonight, that I will get to later on.

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