Friday, February 09, 2007

They Finally Proved Something We All Knew Already

Apologies to the game plan calling for a focus on sport-based stories from Miwacar's timeout, but the big brains at UCLA and UW-Eau Claire have finally proven something we all pretty much knew already. That's right, science has finally weighed in and now agrees that if she is wearing a short skirt she is asking for it.


Kudos to the brave researchers for tackling such an important question. I expect law scholars nationwide are already hard at work developing a new standard of consent to prepare for the inevitable use of the "asking for it" defense* (*now with scientific backing). Gazing into my crystal ball I anticipate the severity of the defense for sexual assults will now directly correlate to the number of inches a skirt is above the knee with something like ten inches serving as a perfect defense.


kelly said...

Sociobiology and evolutionary psychology are bunk. I would expect smart boys like those of IDYFT not to traffic in such silliness.

Badcock said...

Kelly is right on the money. Disappointing is that Barnyard actually trucked in the hard sciences for a spell. If you read the link, you realize it's the usual People Magazine style science: "In a recent ten day study, 'scientists' discovered that soap might be better for your hair than expensive shampoo."

Sir Bacon would have your nuts, sir, for reprinting such crap as "proof."

Barnyard said...

Does one need to use the most strident of modern day conventions, the emoticon, to be understood as tongue-in-cheek?

I thought referring to UW-Eau Claire as "big brains" would convey my mockery of this "finding." I guess our readership has a high opinion of the Blugolds...

:) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :) ;)