Thursday, February 08, 2007

They Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Them

“Papa Homer los mexicanos no podían terminar ni um bocadillo! “
“No, my little Pepsi I don’t like donkey meat.”
“ No, dumbass, I said the Mexicans couldn’t even finish a sandwich!”
“Mmmm Mexican sandwich.”

The U.S. side was thoroughly out played by the Mexican side last night in Phoenix (which by the way, clearly showed that it used to be part of Mexico). But when it came to finishing off the laser-accurate passes through the US defense, or putting the emphasis on a nice (too easy) run down the wing, the Mexicans could never quite finish. Borgetti looked exhausted and frustrated, and who wouldn’t be after all the fruitless running he did because the US offered no defense at midfield or at the back. The Mexican inability to score became comical near the end of the match and was only slightly alleviated by the late game play of Tim Howard. It seemed to me that if the Mexican side had not been so preoccupied with being dicks, they would have handled the game and won.

As for the US side, they created real chances on the few opportunities they had. Landon Donavan and Mastroeni were the only players that were doing anything consistently offensive all game. The rest of the team was too busy chasing down loose balls after bad first touches or errant passes. And where the hell was that kind of aggressive, run at you, play from Donovan in the Cup? He seemed to be a completely different player. Will 28 be too old for such a young bloomer when the next Cup comes around, I kind of hope so, inconsistent little ...

To recap: Mexicans left half-eaten sandwich on the field and Albright was alright.

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