Monday, February 12, 2007

NCAA Hoops: Quick Look at the Week Ahead

So I just noticed that CBS Sportsline has this little dealybop with Top 25 teams and where they are going, who they are playing in the week ahead. You can look at it here. I'm just going to point out some big games.

It looks like if Florida is going to lose in the SEC regular season, it might be this week--they are playing a very inconsistent but talented Alabama team, and an OK talent but well-organized team in Vanderbilt.

Ohio State and Wisconsin both play the bottom of the Big 10 this week. And of course, those are the games that are going to be on my local affiliates (can I please watch Minnesota get destroyed twice?)

Here's a prediction: UNC loses to Boston College in Boston--that game is on ESPN on the 17th.

Memphis, even when they schedule quality teams don't get them. They will be playing Gonzaga, who I assume will probably still be without Josh Heyveldt this week, after the Shroom Incident. Am I saying John Calipari planted those drugs in Heyveldt's car? I am not saying that he definitely did not.

The game I may be most interested this week (aside from Georgetown's tilt with Villanova and career senior Curtis Sumpter). Is probably the Butler/Southern Illinois game on the 17th, which of course, won't be televised. Just two Top 20 teams going at it. Why would you televise that? Or Arizona vs. UCLA for that matter? Buh. Snuh.

Ooh, I just realized that Boston College has a big week--aside from UNC later in the week, they've also got the Cornflower Azazels later on tonight (the 13th, that is).

Oh well--lots of great basketball this week. Check your local listings, suckahs!

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