Friday, February 09, 2007

Hold on to your Junkers Ladies!

Time out, Time out…I need to apply the brakes here at the fast hurtling entertainment locomotive we call IDYFT. In recent weeks it has become more and more common place to see a post on this site that has nothing to do with sports. Yes, of course there are the simple minded generalists out there that will say that all things have to do with sports, and you might be right, but more likely you are dumb and wrong. Everything from campaigning for a new pet name for titties (what the hell is wrong with titties bitches?), to now 9/11 conspiracy theories and 501 c(3) malfeasance have made their way to this glorious confluence of some of the most brilliant and sick sports minds on the entire World Wide Web. What is going on? I cry foul and await the backlash of, “It’s a pickup game you can’t call that foul you dumbass!” Well, I stand on my principles here fellas.

If the format is changing, then great, but if this is still a sports blog then I say we must tighten up on the content, unless really hot chicks are involved or monkeys. A loose relation to sports has always been part of the deal, but no relation? You know, I now realize that this post has absolutely nothing to do sports and in its existence only adds to an already growing problem. Therefore, I retract all that I have said in an attempt to mask my own hypocrisy…but wait, if I am talking about there not being sports content on a sports blog, is that not in of itself enough to consider it sports related? I will work this out before my mind melts and I am left only enough mental capacity to consider “junkers” versus “funbags” or “roni’s”. Screw you guys I’m going home!

Game On!


Jerious Norwood said...

Killing A-rabs ain't a sport? I must disagree.

Muumuuman said...

The shirt makes a good point. I agree with the shirt. Perhaps there should be a sub-blogs! Examples:

I dislike your favorite country

I dislike your favorite religion.

I dislike your favorite ethnicity.

I like your flavortite junkers.

Scrap said...

Everything that men are interested in is somehow related to sports. Don't go changing for us.