Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We Suspect Barnyard Is Suffering Emotionally Right Now

Not only did his Badgers get worked by the rather ridiculous Drew Neitzel led Spartans, but apparently some dude showed up at Barnyard's door with a freaking sword!

Oconomowoc - Instincts took over, James Van Iveren says, when he rushed out his door to the sound of a woman being raped in an apartment above.

"It was a woman screaming," he recalled Tuesday. "She was screaming for help."

Sword in hand, he bounded up the stairs, kicked in the door and confronted a man who turned out to be alone - watching a pornographic movie.

"Now I feel stupid," Van Iveren said.

Take care of yourself Barnyard.

let's be careful out there.

(link courtesy of BoingBoing)


Miwacar said...

I too love a good Japanese rape porno.

Did you see that Van Iveren doesn't have a telephone? What the funk?

Big Blue Monkey said...

the details of Van Iveren's life are hilarious/sad/creepy.

No phone. Shares the apartment located behind a bar with his mother. Ewf.

Badcock said...

Note: not a bar, but something called Red & Bunny's Diner or something.