Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Badgers Kicked in Collective Hole

Wow two whole days as #1! The Gods have really set this season, and more importantly, this year’s tournament up to be a doozy. The Badgers from Madtown were unable to keep any forward momentum as the nation’s #1 ranked team (a first #1 ranking in school history). They ran into a court of trouble Tuesday night against Drew Neitzel and the Michigan State Spartans in East Lansing. If you live for the Red and White, eat way too many brats in one sitting, smoke weed from carved fruit, and play pool at Cuenique, then I dislike your favorite team. Actually, I do dislike Wisconsin teams, except usually their basketball team for some reason. “Hi, I’m Kurt Penney”. I’m sure Big BM will have more on this later. The fall out pictured above was apparently not game related.


Badcock said...

What's the difference between Wisconsonites and Minnesotans?

Big Blue Monkey said...

You can buy beer in Wisconsin on a Sunday.

30% more likely to enjoy cheese curds

Whilst watching porn in your apartment, you are are 100% more likely to be invaded by a sword carrying neighbor in Wisconsin vs. MN.

State wide, Wisconsin has a much lower per capita people per bar. Which suggests they are much heavier drinkers.

Wisconsin has quality college/professional sports teams. Minnesota has the Twins.

also, when you take I-94 East, you see baby pines, and then when you cross the St. Croix river, your IQ drops 50 points, and you become a much less effective basketball player.

Miwacar said...

Big BM never passes up an opportunity to defend Wisconsin, how nice.

By college sports you mean mens basketball and football right? Gophers #1 in the nation in wrestling, hockey, #2 women's hockey + #4 if you count St. Cloud State, something like #5 in women's volleyball, #1 in big ten in men's swimming, much better in baseball forever, and I am sure there are dozens of other examples to list if I only did some looking into it. and the whole mens basketball thing is a pretty recent reversal of long held (decades)MN superiority.

So the Brewers, Bucks and Packers are all "quality" pro teams? I think your love of sunday beer has lead you down an errant path. Not to mention MN average IQ, if there is really such a thing, is higher than Wisconsins from the info I have been able to find.

I will not argue against the baby pines, but then you have to put up with Wisconsinites in order to enjoy them. Land of Sky Tinted Waters Biyatch!