Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Quick Not Sportsian Pop Cultural-y Post

Have you heard of the Detroit Cobras? I'm falling in love with them. And not just because lead singer Rachel Nagy sings like a Super Tramp (not the band, but the singular noun with adjective). Not just because they take classic R&B songs and make them sound all garage-rocky, with a little dose of soul. OK, it is mainly those two things.

Song: I Wanna Holler (But the Town's Too Small) (right click and save as)

One of the reasons that I'm often posting later than I should be is that I'm completely fucking addicted to Guitar Hero, versions I & II. I've got me a toy guitar, and some serious chops (You don't want to come at me son, I'm racking up 4 & 5 star performances on Expert level. You don't want none, son.) I'll soon have two guitars, so Miwacar and the rest of the lot can get their asses kicked in a game beside Winning Eleven. In fact after I type this sentence, I'm going to go play my encore that I just unlocked. The game is fuckin' brilliant. It has made me enjoy bands that I have no business enjoying (Example #1A: fucking Incubus). You try not to love "Stellar" when you are pretend playing the guitar. Twin Cities bars, always looking for a hook to rope in doughy 30 somethings are beginning to host Guitar Hero nights. Awesome.

And you know, I've been praising 30 Rock a lot of late, and here's a compilation of Alec Baldwin's best moments. I have to give mad props to NBC for figuring out to use YouTube. Viacom pulled all their content off of YouTube, and is giving money to a brand new start up (admittedly, to some guys who know how to build media websites). NBC just said, fuck it, we'll put up our own clips, and it will drive traffic to our old media site. Smart thinking, NBC. So, courtesy of NBC, ladies (hurk!) and gentlemen (yeah), Alec Baldwin:

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Jess said...

I heart Detroit Cobras.

'Cause I'm a hot dog, a hot dog. Watch me eat a hot dog.

I should think it would be impossible to not love a song like that.