Saturday, February 10, 2007

Now, That's Taking Irony Too Far

Some of you may have noted that we enjoy pushing the bounds of good taste and irony. Hopefully you enjoy that, and that's why you read us. I'm assuming you don't read us and then nod your head in agreement when you see headlines like this one.

You may have even pieced together, due our interest in Macalester College Athletics, that some of us attended that particular school. Some of us even earned a degree!

So it pains me to say to the underclassmen of my alma mater, You Are Taking Irony Way Too Far.

A particular costume choice by two students caught the attention of Paul Maitland-McKinley ’09, president of the student organization Black Liberation Affairs Committee (BLAC). Maitland-McKinley learned of the party last Friday, Jan. 26, from an anonymous student who was present at the party. The costume involved one student dressing as a Ku Klux Klan member, with a second student wearing face paint to appear dark skinned. The costume also included a simulated noose, one end in the hand of the Klan-costumed member, the other end around the student with the blackface’s neck.


Muumuuman said...

It is January in MN, and had any of us thought of it, we probably would have done it.

Badcock said...

I think this is better described as satire.

Irony is strictly a rhetorical form wherein the meaning of one's statement is the absolute opposite of the literal statement.

For example: "Wearing black face was a liberal arts student attempt to understand the oppressed peoples he was learning about in his American Voices class."

Cloaking obscenity, racism etc in irony gets tricky because it is a subtle differentiation. Satire is ridicule of bullshit.

I think the students were trying to be clever, satirizing racist tropes. Ironic racism is too easy. You fucking cheap Scotsmen.