Sunday, February 25, 2007

other blogs do stuff

The Lads of the Big Picture, when they aren't mocking us with their interviews of bloggers, are asking men and lesbian women (lesbians in sports? Crazy!) to rate the do-ability of female stars. They are now setting up a tournament of the 16 they've solicited opinions on. Our dark horse is the scrumptious and professional Sam Ryan. The fact that she's a Soccer Mom just makes her forbidden fruit.

The Postmen completely don't get how much Native Americans loved white people dressing up in Indian Costume and dancing at Halftime. Indians love that shit! Also, if it weren't for Kevin Costner, Native Americans would have never learned how to get in tune with nature. Postmen, your anti-White People stance proves that you are with the terrorists. Terrorists who have no compunction in using biological warfare, something White People would never use against darker skinned people. Unless you count smallpox blankets. Which you shouldn't count.

The Double Nickel looks at Cub Pitching.

You'll Never Blog Alone looks at the Champions League games upcoming. (it's totally possible these games have already been played)

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