Saturday, February 03, 2007

History, as We Understand It, Is No Longer Valid

Everyone here at IDYFT really enjoys the fact that people comment. We rarely respond to them. Not because we're jerks, or think we are too good for our commenters; we just feel that entering the imagined fray would suggest we have nothing better to do than respond to comments. And we don't, but we don't want to appear that way. It is complex.

We certainly don't respond to people who call us dicks. We are dicks. We know that. That's what we were gunning for. Duh. But every once in awhile, a comment strikes us, like an unexpected slap to the forehead, and we're left wondering, "Did that just happen?"

One of the coolest things this blog ever did was the Sports Legion of Doom. Your friends at IDYFT team took your suggestions, we nominated folks ourselves, and we focused on really profound evil. And then we ranked them. Uday Hussein ended up #5 on our list, and he really truly deserved it.

So imagine my surprise when this comment came through:

"It's really funny how everyone proclaims to know Uday. Did you witness any of these things? If not, you have no business writing about him. He's just a man that a lot of people were jealous of, he had the money, the women and the means. Let him rest in peace!"

Apparently if we don't actually witness things, they do not exist. George Washington never was President, never owned slaves, never lived at Mount Vernon, because I didn't personally see it! Presumably that time I had a dream that was so realistic that it really felt like I was having sex with Winona Ryder was real. I totally sexed her up. Hey anonymous, you are batshit crazy.


Badcock said...

It is funny that I never witnessed my own conception. And yet ... cogito ergo sum. You anonymous Tikrit retard.

L said...

I believe there is precedent here: Have you ever seen a million dollars? Well just because you haven't seen something, doesn't mean it isn't real
From the case of Tim Allen v. The Santa Clause

Big Blue Monkey said...

This is disturbing. Am I siding with someone who has actually watched "The Santa Clause"? That can't be good.

Badcock said...

A minor point that someone else can research, but I don't believe that Washington himself owned slaves.

If he did, I can only hope that they were Tim Allen fans, and he whipped the shit out of them because of it.