Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Honus Sold!

The Honus “Flying Dutchman” Wagner 1909 card has sold, for some 2.35 million dollars (up from 1.2 million just 7 years ago). Interesting news, but my favorite part of the article is this:

“The tobacco cards used to be included in packs of cigarettes. Collectors believe Wagner's cards are rare because he stopped allowing the American Tobacco Co. to use his image, fearing it would encourage children to smoke.”

Honus Wagner somehow knew smoking was bad for you in the early 20th century, and did something about it. I nominate Honus Wagner for the sports HALL OF JUSTICE! The kids can call you Ho-ju.


lbutler36 said...

Honus Wagner played baseball for peanuts!

Big Blue Monkey said...

Just like your momma. ooh, SNAP