Saturday, February 10, 2007

An Addition to the Blog Roll

Paul Demko is a real journalist. We try to avoid those people, but Demko loves his soccer, and is willing to appear topless in his blog photo. Also, he writes for the free weekly City Pages, so it's not we are totally selling out and linking to Sid Hartman's podcast, or anything.

He is even passionate about the MLS, for which we salute, but also shake our head at him a bit. Did he not know about the higher quality of soccer found in, say, the Dutch League? He also writes about movies and music and stuff, and we find him to be the kind of guy we could good-naturedly argue about Soccer with.

He's even willing to read the St. Paul Pioneer Press, which is something we just don't do anymore, because Tom Powers is A Stupid Fat Fuck. It is Demko's wonderful phrasing that won me over--indeed, Mexico hasn't scored on US Soil in this Century. He's also the only person I know of who has seen the new kickass Zidane documentary. I didn't even know that was playing in the US, nevermind the Twin Cities.

While discovering Demko's blog, I was wandering around the City Pages blotter, and found a link to the Top 10 Beer Myths, and #1 is particularly important for those of us who like to drink beer at our fantasy football drafts. Can we stop having cases of Coors fucking Light at our draft, now, please?

Beer Myth 1: Beat the Beer Belly with Light Beer
OK, light beers have maybe 90-100 calories, regular beers generally have less than 200 calories. A beer lover would say the difference is comparable to the difference between McDonalds and a 5 star restaurant. A dietician would tell you the difference is negligible. So unless you are drinking 300 beers a week, I would drink the good stuff.

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