Thursday, July 20, 2006

We've Been Quiet Lately

Mainly because we don't feel comfortable blogging about Project Runway on our manly sports blog. But we always hated that Malan, and we're glad he's gone. "Mother ripped up my drawings of women's clothing when I was 12 years old." Shut up, pussy!

OK, so we haven't blogged much lately, but I, me, personally,, me, me have undertaken a profound project. A statistical analysis of some of sports least understood accessories.

I would have had a first look on board last night, but blogger crashed halfway through my post, and I was temporarily soul-crushed. But later tonight, after a nice beer, and some good natured jawin about my awesome Liriano predictions, we'll get down to some fairly straight-forward math work that will open up an awesome social science type window.

You'll be jealous that I thought of this. Maybe. I may have oversold it. Dammit. It'll be pretty good, though.

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