Friday, July 14, 2006

Man, That Michael Strahan is a Jerk

Sure, his soon to be ex-wife may not be the most trustworthy of sources (suggesting he was gay hurt her credibility a bit) but regardless, this divorce is gettin' nasty.

Most curious/disturbing news includes

1. Jean Strahan claimed that she found filming equipment in her sisters room when she was staying with the couple. Mike was filming his wife's sister! Craziness. But it is nuttier than that. According to the timeline, Jean discovered the equipment 2 years before the marriage! Ladies, I don't pretend to be a relationship expert, but here's something I know. If your fella is taping your sister getting undressed without her knowledge, he's probably not marriage material, ya dig?

2. I'll let the article speak for itself (emphasis mine):

While embarrassingly bringing up the fact he once got a sperm test when she couldn't get pregnant, Jean also said her husband hounded her throughout their marriage in an effort to change the prenup.

She also claimed that once, in 2001, he had a lawyer write her a letter that said he wanted to change the 20 percent set aside enshrined in the prenup to "zero percent."
"I told [Michael] I wasn't redoing anything - I said we were trying to get pregnant," she testified.

As she recalled this, she started crying, prompting Strahan to laugh and turn to the media seating section with a smile.

I think Strahan is lucky divorces aren't handled by juries. A jury would probably snip his balls at this point.

One last highlight. This is a New York Post article, so you know you can expect some nice turns of phrase. Reporter Jeane MacIntosh outdoes herself with this awesome alliterative run, and I just want to give props for referring to Strahan as "the gap-toothed grid great." Awesome.

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