Thursday, July 13, 2006

Soccer's Over, Can't Wait to Start Talking NASCAR

While I'm certain one could make a decent living chronicleing the asinine quotes our sports celebrities spew, there is a decided lack of panache in beating up on those who are admired for their brawn and not their brains. However, at times we are gifted a quote so asinine that it transcends it's asinine-ness and becomes worthy of celebration.

Exhibit A.

Ms. Patrick's response could be either a well placed mock of Mr. Carpenter's comment or an uncomfortable string of prattle in an effort at a blase reaction (I didn't see the footage and, in this case, her delivery would be key). Either way, this should serve as a shot across Michelle Wie's bow that if you try to compete with men you will be branded a bleeder and given a red velcro "P" to wear on your chest when your monthly visitor could impact your ability to play nice with the boys.

Well, since we're putting menstruation on the table for women athletes, why not investigate the question fully? Isn't the aggression Mr. Carpenter refers to a result of a woman's changing body chemistry during her period? Couldn't this impart a competitive advantage for ladies who are predisposed to a short fuse and a take no prisoners attitude? Aren't we opposed to performance enhancing hormones???

In gratitude for Ed Carpenter's effort to raise the level of discourse, I hereby propose this blog seek out and, occasionally, award the Ed Carpenter Award to the sports celebrity who transcends the boundaries of decency and traffics in the arenas of sexism, racism or stupidly offensive conduct.

For the inaugural Ed Carpenter Award, I nominate Ed Carpenter.


Big Blue Monkey said...

excellent. Ed Carpenter Award it is. That'll keep us busy, I imagine.

also using this comment as a test of new email address.

Deformity Betty said...

As a woman and an athlete, I assure you hormonal imbalance gives us no advantage. But on second thought, it does make me feel like vomiting, which I suppose could be turned into an advantage when being marked too closely. And most months, I dull the nausea with drugs - also an advantage because I become incapable of feeling pain.