Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I was probably just bored by your sardonic, disaffected tone...

There, hopefully we can put to bed the petty little barbs. But first let’s deal with some of the current silliness... "The Twins are fucking stupid! Mark Prior is the second coming of Christ in stirrups bitch!”... I don't much care for that Christ guy and think that the Cuming of the Lord is a great porn title waiting to happen and little else, so I don't think that was an accurate representation of my original argument. Second, I don't think the Cubs front office are the only folks (including all professional scouts) who thought Mark Prior to be "the best pitching prospect ever".

Clearly, lets be reasonable, (the proceeding phrase has been submitted for trade marking and I'm more than willing to sue.... though the preceding threat probably holds little credence due to the fact that most of the miscreants who frequent this site are aware that the lawyer I have on retainer isn't particularly savvy or... shall we say... good.... anyway, back to my point.... what was I talking about again?)... oh yeah... the entire point is that we were silly kids arguing about our favorite sports teams who have now turned into sillier and somewhat more pitiable 30 somethings (which is the new something or other according to the NYTimes)

Anyway, obviously everyone was basing their judgments on the opinions of professional scouts who may or may not suck. Regardless, the ultimate point is that your average Twin fan got lucky that Joe Mauer has turned into a Nazi Superhero, and the average Cub fan has gotten punched in the nuts multiple times for reasons that have alluded me but have ultimately helped me to understand the obsequious need to believe that some Jew on a cross two thousand years ago justifies the senseless slaughter of our sons and daughters in 2006 so that fags can't marry.

So in closing, I believe the words of "one of US", namely Jeff Dubay wraps this up succinctly.... "You cowards, you pathetic coward” ... (Look under jingle bank) -dvda27

Oh, and one last thing. That fact that you knew someone stupid enough to argue that Marcus Camby was going to make a better pro than Timmmay Duncan (who should of been a Celtic anyway) is an obvious straw man argument.

And coming up with an allusion to a beloved old school video game in order to bolster your point is below the belt. Body blow... body blow

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