Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brave Declarations many years after the fact....

I know this commentary is a bit late, but I just discovered this little rant.

Yes sure enough, Mauer is awesome and hasn't been riddled with injuries this year while Prior is displaying the type of bad luck with injuries only brought about by smashing a mirror over the black cat you're fucking under a ladder. As a Twinky fanatic you obviously have every right to crow to your hearts content.

A couple of quick things though, the criticism of the pick was based at the time on scouting reports that Mark Prior was perhaps the best pitching prospect of all time. That's it. It doesn't matter if a catching prospect projects to be Johnny Fucking Bench.... you always take the pitcher in that situation. For instance, if Liriano were available in that draft, you’d take him first… Its not that complicated. Now obviously, Prior's future is muddied by the fact that he's been dogged by injuries, but that’s nothing but hindsight (not to mention Mauer hasn't exactly been a rock up until this year... so I guess we can have another nice round of postings if Prior has a healthy season next year and wins 20, while Mauer Bo Jacksons his hip. That'll learn ya)

Finally, the idea that the drafting of Mauer somehow freed the Twins up to rape the Giants with a broom handle is the biggest lump of bullshit that I've ever heard. Kudos to the Twins management and the compromising pictures in their possession, but the mental illness pervading the SF front office has no bearing on Mauer's value.

Having said all that, I hope the Twins go on to win the Series, and that Joe Mauer continues to illicit effusive praise as a near perfect ball player... even if it is mostly racist at its core.

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