Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Neshek, Analegoed

And its pretty awesome.

Neshek does indeed have a curious arm motion. All funky sidearming, submarining angles. Someone on the bat-girl blog suggested Neshek needs a new nickname, and I of course, thinking in comic book parallels, instantly jumped to:

The Sub-Mariner!

And then I quickly realized that that was stupid. Stupid brain. Stupid grouchy Atlantean princes.

The thing that makes Neshek such a pain in the ass to hit, I'm assuming, is that he's all weird sideways arm movements and herky jerky delivery, and that ball still hits 94 mph. That can't be fun to hit against. If I were in the batter's box, I would probably burn two strikes just entranced by the guy's motions. It's hypnotic.

(link via Deadspin's Blogdome)

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