Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last Thing I'll Say About the Carpenter/Danica Thing

My sister, who is a medical researcher* reads this blog regularly**, co-authored*** a well publicized, talked about medical report**** that showed that women reach their peak testosterone levels during what Carpenter called "that time of the month" and what an elderly Native American I once heard lecture refer to as "the menses".

During that time, and only during that time, do women's testosterone levels reach a typical man's regular amounts (obviously, Bea Arthur and Brigette Neilsen are the exceptions that prove the rule).

And so, to quote my sister, "So...if it seems to men that women behave with unseemly aggression one week out of the month, they are merely behaving as men do EVERY DAY of their lives!"

To which I say, "Fuck you, bitch. I'll burn your fucking house down."

* Actually, she's a teacher. Not even a science teacher, too.
** Read it once. Thought we were unduly mean about Barbero. Last time I checked, though, he is still just a fucking horse, and shouldn't be getting more air time or American aid than the Palestinians. He is.
*** Read it. Didn't co-author it.
**** In theory. Haven't gone looking for it.

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