Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is What it Looks Like When A Baseball Team Gets Hot as One

Twins beat Brewers

Radke suddenly unhittable.

Morneau becomes first player since Hrbek to have 20 homers by the end of June. Torii also went yard.

Minor league call ups, like Terry Tiffee hit for power, too. Homered in this game.

Mauer strikes out twice, walks once. Only gets one hit, and it is a 2 run double.

With the All-Star Break approaching the Twins have at least 3 players who could have 50 RBI by then--Morneau is safely over 50, with 65. Hunter has 47, and Cuddyer(!) has 45.

The question will be, I suppose, who do the Twins trade to get their next bad ass lefthander? Cuddyer? Lew Ford?

And once again, for those of you who forgot--A.J. Pyrzinksi to the SF Giants for Boof Bonser, Franciso Liriano, and Joe Nathan. Chuck Knobbydick to the Yankess for Johann Santana, Eric Milton (who was later traded for decent prospects). Twins may have the most underrated scouting team in the MLB.


Nicole said...

Ok, not that you're team isn't playing well, but pointing to a sweep of the Brewers as proof isn't going to gain you a lot of street cred.

We're happy to be flirting with .500 all season. We're absolutely crap on the road. We're even worse crap against AL teams. We're the worsest crap when it comes to our bullpen, especially at the end of a stretch of games.

Like I said, you definitely kicked our asses, but if you want anyone to take you seriously, you have to put up proof better than the Brew Crew.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Best team the Twins have played during this streak is probably the Red Sox, and they swept them, too.

Starting pitching has been incredible during this streak.