Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I think we have a Winner

This just sounds about right to me. No matter how stupid Materazzi claims he is, he knows the word terrorist, and the other ones used here certainly fit into his general lexicon. And you know, there are certainly people who will react to violence if you suggest their mother is a whore. Calling a French native with Algerian roots a terrorist's son probably could also lead to violence. Combining the two seems to be about right in terms of what might push Zidane's Crazy-Button.

And 2 out of 2 lip-readers agree.

Britain's top forensic lip-reader, Jessica Rees - whose skill has led her to be summoned as an expert witness at criminal trials - believed Materazzi called Zidane a "son of a terrorist whore" before he added, "So just f--- off".

The Daily Mail said it, too, engaged a lip-reader who reached the same conclusion as Rees.

thanks to our compatriots at Sanford for the heads up

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