Wednesday, July 26, 2006

By the Way, the Declarations Were Made Years Ago, You Were Just too Drunk to Notice

As the previous post was clearly aimed at me, as a response to the post I wrote a month ago, I feel the need to follow up and set the record straight.

First and foremost, the original post stated, and I currently argue, that I had endless discussions with DVDA, if you can call getting spit on whilst the maniac rants in your face a discussion, about how the Mauer pick was in fact a great pick for the Twins even if they were passing up on Prior. These discussions usually ended with DVDA saying something along the lines of,” Your fucking mother could make the right pick in this situation with a tit tied behind her ass. The Twins are fucking stupid! Mark Prior is the second coming of Christ in stirrups bitch!” There was no convincing him of anything, as these arguments usually went with DVDA, who I should mention is a friend and a person I respect greatly, from some goddamned reason.

Secondly, I think any front office that considers anyone “the best pitching prospect ever” is just as retarded as the SF front office. And we all know that the Cubs are infamous for their poor front office dealings. I never once said then or now that Mark Prior was bad or wasn’t qualified to be a #1 pick, it was about having to always defend my team’s selection of a local kid with a huge upside and getting nothing but jittery, blank stares back and responses like the one in the previous paragraph. It reminds me of similar discussions with other friends about how Marcus Camby was going to be a better NBA player than Tim Duncan, all kinds of wrong.

Also, Mauer's injury was a result of a freak slide into a wall, whereas Prior's injuries have been numerous and varied and most don't bode well for a long pitching career. But let's not squabble over issues that might really have some impact on reality. Let's get downto brass tacks.

Joe Mauer was a better pick than Mark “Glass Joe” Prior.

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