Monday, July 24, 2006

Soriano to the White Sox?

The rumor mill is flying around with this idea--Alfonso Soriano to the White Sox for prospects out of the Chicago system.

As a Twins Fan, I am unhappy with the prospect with Soriano coming onto a team that already has a tendency to hit homeruns off the Twins.

But I wouldn't be crazy about this deal if I were a White Sox fan, either. Their problem isn't offense, particularly hitting for power, which is all about Soriano offers. Their pitching is in a slump, and they need to correct that. Their problems don't lie with their offense, not in any real sense.

If Soriano comes in he will certainly hit some dingers. And they will be impressive, and all that. But his defense his sketchy at best, and bringing him in will probably force the shuffling of the rest of the outfield. Plus, if the ESPN crew is going to sing his praises as an offensive threat, we should at least take a moment to point out that he is on his way, AGAIN, to over 120 strike outs (88 already). Not a great feature in your leadoff hitter, or your second batter, for that matter.

If the White Sox can get him cheap, so be it. And the way the rumors sound, they may get him very cheap, indeed. But he doesn't address any of their actual problems. That said, I don't relish the Twins having to face Soriano throughout the second half of the year.

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