Monday, July 10, 2006

On Underpants

Hey, did you know ESPN is now in the business of publishing pictures of young boys in their underpants:

Since this young lad chose to go pant and shirt-less at the World Cup, I imagine he is proud enough to rate the picture's publication on as a "Top Ten" moment. It's probably not "Top Ten" for the rest of us (except: insert name of pretty much any person outside of NAMBLA you want to mock) as we all have our personal tastes to consider.

Tim Cahill's pair against Japan, Oliver Neuville's winner versus Poland and Ronaldo's smooth step-over against Ghana could create accord as top-ten moments. Or how about Maxi Rodriguez's goal? Or Beckham's set piece finish? All great. But the top spot on my listed has been cleared to welcome to post game antics of Italian midfielder Genarro Gattuso.

Here's what happened:

Grosso slots home Italy's fifth and final penalty kick! Italy are the world champions! Tears! Hugs! Lots and lots of running! Oh, what's that! The team has gathered around a seated Camaronesi and have lopped nearly a foot of his hair! How wacky! Buffon is genuflecting! Everyone is gesticulating! And Gattuso has.....taken off his shorts?

Not since Randy Moss pantomimed dropping his pants and rubbing his naked bum against a Lambeau Field goal post has pantlessness figured so prominently in a celebration. Unfortunately, the cameras were too slow to capture Gattuso removing his shorts, but provided full coverage of Gatusso's shortslessness once it was discovered. If you watch, you can even detect a hint of bitterness when Gattuso must cover and head to the stage for the medal and trophy presentation with his teammates.

Thanks Gattuso, and condolences to the camera shot of Figo's knickers as he was carried off the field on a stretcher, now a distant second.

Quick Note:

Fellow contributor dvda27 has already highlighted Zidane's effort to stop Materazzi's heart and assumed that Materazzi provoked the violent reaction with some less-than-friendly banter. The early reports are that the Italian called Zidane a "dirty terrorist," an accusation Materazzi cleverly denies by claiming he "doesn't even know what the word means." Awesome. I truly hope that quote was not lost in translation and Materazzi is claiming ignorance on the word "terrorist."


Jerious Norwood said...

I'm more suprised that ESPN is publishing pictures of nubile young lads than I am that the right, honerable Chato spends his time combing the web for such pics. Thanks for the titilation.

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