Friday, August 21, 2009

Dick Bremer Attacked By A Pterodactyl

Dick Bremer and Creepy Massage Enthusiast Ron Coomer were wrapping up the Twins vs Kansas City, which featured a rare Joe Nathan blown save, and a rare Joe Nathan win.

By the way, how rare is Joe Nathan blowing a save against the Royals? Here's La Velle Neal of the Star Trib, dropping science: "Nathan entered the season with 30 saves and a career 0.81 ERA against the Royals and hadn't given up a run in five outings against them this season."

Anyway, Bremer and Coomer were wrapping up the game, and specifically, praising the bottom of the Twins hitting order, when Bremer was attacked! ATTACKED! By, according to Coomer, a "pterodactyl". Turns out, it was just a big ass grasshopper. Of all the days for Bert Blyleven to be on vacation--you know he would have eaten that fucking thing without a second thought.

Here's your Pterosaur, with shitty filming by me, and IDYFT contributor miwacar reacting incredulously to the Coomer's use of "pterodactyl". You want the audio, you'll probably have to crank your volume.

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