Sunday, August 30, 2009

Greg Blache Has Grown Tired of Your Questions

via Shutdown Corner, an awesome exchange on the local Cable in DC. Greg Blache, the defensive coordinator, has sussed out that a question about evaluating the play of the defensive line is actually a backdoor to criticizing the play of the defensive line, and he's had enough.

Frankly, the question seems innocuous enough, and the fact that Ken Harvey, former Drunken Savage defensive bad-ass doesn't take the coach's side, and in fact, goes out of his way to kind of mock Blache, suggests that the coach has overreacted a bit. Or a lot. Either way, lots of fun.

I have to say, it is particularly unfair to mock a guy for reacting with an "Uhhh", when you have said something completely insane. DC Sports Bog, as per usual, has more detail on the incident.

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Andrew Wice said...

He almost made Blair Wainwright III cry for asking about the pass rush.

Personally, I want and expect my D coordinator to be pissed off all the time.