Thursday, August 13, 2009

Madden 10 On the Cheap

Sports Illustrated is reaching out to all the kids/gamers/nerds out there with a promotion that I jumped all over.

I rarely promote retail opportunities, but this one is genuinely a great deal (and no, I'm not being paid to say/write any of this)

28 issues of SI, Madden 2010, and some stupid, never to be watched DVD about Madden all for less than the game is retailing by itself anywhere else--under $50.

Clearly, SI is counting on those of us who partake in the deal to not bother cancelling our automatically renewing subscriptions. Otherwise, this deal can't be that great for them. But it's awesome for me. Done deal, dead tree journalism.

1 comment:

Andrew Wice said...


On two separate occasions, my childhood innocence was shattered by falling for SI's promotions.

I'm still waiting for my Olympic stopwatch and I'm still waiting for my goddamn Redskins football and videotape. They never showed up and neither will your Madden 2010.

You're stuck with a seriously lame sports rag. Peter King, Dr. Z ... these old anal/rapists have never come close with their NFL predictions. And the swimsuit issue is less impressive with the modern world wide webporn.

You are a sucker, my friend.