Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jerry Jones: Giant TVs Are Like Forces of Nature

If I were one to gamble on the effectiveness of arguments, I'd be betting against this one. Mark Maske over at the Washington Post is reporting that the NFL's competition committee is looking into the new Dallas Stadium scoreboards, and the fact that they are huge, and are rigged up relatively low to the ground (only ninety feet).

Jerry Jones seems unconcerned, and with his well established abilities at bullshitting, who can blame him? But if Maske is accurately representing Jones' argument, Jerry might want to stick this one back in the oven. Maske writes that Jones believes that "the video boards present an element with which punters must deal just as they must deal with wind, rain or other weather conditions."

I'm having a hard time coming up with one attribute that those things share. They are both made of atoms? Differences are easier.

1. Unless the Weather Wizard has rolled into town or the HAARP is being pointed at Texas' ionsphere, weather is a naturally occuring phenomenon. Giant video boards hanging 30 yards above a field that has punts traveling via high-arcing parabolas are not naturally occuring. It takes a self-promoting jackass to makes those happen.

2. Weather is permeable. Footballs are hampered by wind, rain, and snow, but they travel through them regardless. Footballs don't bounce off of rain drops. Footballs do bounce off of poorly planned video boards hanging 30 yards above a field.

3. Weather is sent by God. Giant Video Boards are paid for by dudes who just think they are God.

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