Wednesday, August 12, 2009

David Kahn Defender: Patrick Reusse?

It feels a little weird to be nodding in agreement with Patrick Reusse--my brain keeps communicating to news to my neck muscles, but they raise an eyebrow before going along (yeah, my neck muscles have eyebrows. Shut up.)

Regardless, here we are, with a fine Pat Reusse column that eviscerates Souhan's from the previous week (without explicitly mentioning Souhan's column) about David Kahn and Kurt Rambis? (Remember? Souhan called Rambis a pussy for not coaching high school ball?)

These two paragraphs, I found particularly depressing, from a historical standpoint. Discussing the Rambis hire, Reusse has a point here:

When it comes to curb appeal, this is the most impressive coaching hire in the team's two decades of existence. That's because he is the first with enough leaguewide appeal to have other options.

Bill Musselman. Jimmy Rodgers. Sidney Lowe. Bill Blair. Flip Saunders. Dwane Casey. Randy Wittman. Kevin McHale (twice). They had this in common: When hired here, no other NBA team had an interest in them as a head coach.

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