Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Donovan McNabb is Now A Respected Elder Statesman

The very idea of McNabb being respected! That's funny!

Not because Donovan McNabb shouldn't be a respected elder statesman of QB-ing. He should be. But it is funny that the press has now decided that he's good people, and his word is bond when it comes to Vick.

Why, if just scratch my chin, and have wavy lines obscure my face, you'll see me flashbacking to a different time--way back in September of 2007, when Donovan was a black racist against Gregg Doyel, and other white people.

I remember, back then, Donovan was a washed up racist! Surely, he still hates white people, yeah?

Here's my favorite bit from the Gregg Doyel time machine. Two years ago, whilst ripping Donovan McNabb, he said:

McNabb is myopic. He thinks he has it rough? Try being Rex Grossman, the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, who gets ripped even as he is leading the Bears to the Super Bowl. The next two most critiqued quarterbacks in the NFL are probably the Jets' Chad Pennington and the Giants' Eli Manning. All three are white.

Both Rex Grossman and Chad Pennington are barely holding onto to roster spots as we move into 2009. Eli Manning has gotten paid so much that it will probably lead to a huge labor dispute in 2011. Donovan McNabb just keeps on going.

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Andrew Wice said...

Somebody should ask Rush Limbaugh for his opinion.