Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vikings + Jeff George? Please, Please, Please

I say this as no particular fan of the Vikings (boo!) or Jeff George (meh). But the two of them together would be several awesome things rolled up into one more awesome thing. Like when you put chocolate chips into a crepe, dig?

You've got your reunion factor, as George had a pretty decent/OK run for the Vikings several years back. You've also got the inevitable trainwreck factor, which we all know would be coming. And then you've got Jeff George just being Jeff George, which means just leaning back and firing bombs nowhere in particular, and hoping someone runs underneath one in time (better learn to catch, Troy Williamson!).

Now clearly, there would have to be some sort of perfect storm for something like this to happen. Luckily, the Vikings braintrust seeded the clouds, and pissed off Poseidon too, when they entered the season with these QB's: Tavaris Jackson, Kelly Holcombe, and Brooks Bollinger. It's like asking for a scenario in which Jeff George makes sense. Add to that an offensive line that isn't brilliant at protecting the quarterback (yet fantastic at blocking for runs) and you have what we have now. Holcombe is out for a few weeks, Jackson is banged up, and Bollinger is healthy, but he is still Brooks Bollinger.

Which means it is time to sign Jeff George! According to Jeff George, at least. George is sending out feelers, because he has sensed his moment of redemption is near. And even though he is 40, a clubhouse cancer, and even in his best days, a bit inconsistent--he may not be wrong.

Oh, and by sending out feelers, I meant that he called the Vikings play-by-play guy and asked him if he thought the Vikings would want him. Which isn't the saddest part. I think that's here:

"I follow the teams that I think need quarterbacks," George said. "I look around the league at the quarterbacks, and I wonder why I'm still not playing."

What do you say, Vikings fans? Make Jeff George happy? Make yourselves happy? It would be good for some laughs, at least. Let's make this happen! Don't you remember how good he looked in the Purple? Do it!


Lucy Rhode said...

I'm mystified by my affection for Jeff George.

Muumuuman said...

It makes perfect sense, first comes Green Testicles, then comes George! But you do have to remember he was lobbing passes to Randy Moss a few years back - there a only a few recievers you can chuck to like that without getting 3 int's for each TD. By a few I mean only Randy Moss.

Pacifist Viking said...

I really realized how pathetic the Vikings' QB situation is: I would be excited to see them sign Jeff George.

Andrew Wice said...

J George sure barfed up some INTs during his short run with the Skins.

One correction: the name of the Vikings QB is Boobs Bollinger. "Brooke" is his nickname.