Thursday, October 04, 2007

The IDYFT Cup: 1st Quarter

It is too early to accurately characterize the 2007 season. The Colts and the Pats were the best teams in the NFL last year and they are the best teams in the NFL this year.

The Saints and the Chargers have been colossal disappointments. While the sewage dousing Chargers fans has an obvious source (Fire Nerf Turner!), the Saints showed every sign of being in a perfect position to be the team to lose to the Pats or Colts in the Superbowl. Last year they rang up the most yardage in the NFL while averaging 26 ppg. In 2007, the Saints have only scored 38 points (in three losses, 12 ppg). This in a year when the NFC is looking fairly putrid. And now Deuce is out.

The Cowboys haven't had their pass defense tested, but their offense seems to be working and they're looking the most poised right now. Seattle does not look any good, but boasts a schedule no more challenging than creamed corn.

Right now, the top competitors in the IDYFT Cup are looking like early-departees from the 1st round of the playoffs, at best. The lower-echelon teams are looking like the product a fan and what I hope is nutella. The 1st Quarter of action is nearly complete (DC had a bye); let's look at our field.

Packers are 4-0 and Favre is looking sharp. But they have beaten nobody of worth (combined record: 5-11). At some point soon, they will have to be able to run the ball. They are dead last in rushing, averaging only 54 ypg. This week they play the dreadfully unbalanced Bears at home.

Lions are 3-1 and they have proven they can score through the air. However, their defense has given up 121 points so far, second only to the Bangles. Their rushing is as nonexistent as that of the Packers, and their pass D has already given up one thousand yards. Doom awaits them when they travel to Washington on Sunday.

Redskins are 2-1 and coming off the worst half of football I've seen since ... last year's team. What had been a gutsy, hard-running offense and swift, form-tackling defense got turned inside out, against the Gigantisms no less. They need to get their confidence back after a week off. The Lions are the 2nd worst kickoff covering team in the NFC; the Redskins KR Rock Cartwright is in the top ten and I Predict he takes a kick for six against the Lionels this Sunday.

Vikings are 1-3 continue to do only one thing, but do it well: stop the run. Of course, they are being slashed to thin, bloody ribbons through the air. As for their offense, rookie Adrian Peterson is having a nice year but not having a QB is a hard way to win. Maybe they can develop a rudimentary passing game during their bye week, and come back with an appreciation for the importance of the forward pass in 21st Century NFL strategies. They'll take on the Buckin' Ears in week 7.

Saving the Raiders for last, because I like a good 2-2 belly laugh. They should have beaten a Bronchios team which is looking flawed. They have been very effective running the ball against teams that are awful against the run. They ought to consider playing some run defense themselves. Their pass D is not what it was last year (overrated). Is Coldpecker the answer at QB? They have a bye and then I'm predicting a short honeymoon, as they travel to San Diego and face the Chargeless defense.

IDYFT Cup Standings
1. Detroit Lions: 2 pts (vs. Oak & MN)
2. Green Bay Packers: 1 pt (vs. MN)
3. Washington Redskins: 0 pts
4. Oakland Raiders: -1 (vs. Det)
5. Minnesota Vikings: -2 (vs. Det & GB)


lbutler36 said...

None of the undefeated teams has beat at team with more than two wins and the Giants, Eagles, and Chargers all made the playoffs last year so its kind of hard to knock them for their schedule. That said, their running game does need to improve, they can only compensate with quick slants and passes to the flats for so long.

Andrew Wice said...

Can't say the Packers have done anything wrong in beating the teams presented to them -- and every preseason indication pointed to them losing most of them. I'm just throwing out a necessary sea-anchor against the tsunami of Packers hype.

Even in the much-heralded days of the 49ers pass-flappy west coast offense, they still had a 1,000 yard rusher with Roger "High Knees" Craig.

Muumuuman said...

Kitna has been touched by the hand of God, Cambell has been touched by the hand of Mr. Over-throw (a.k.a. Tommy Kramer). Sure, they have a leaky pass defense but the Skins 198 yards a game with Santana Moss isn't very intimidating. I predict a 34-17 blow out by the Lions.

Muumuuman said...

Oh, and throw in the league leading 9 interceptions by the defence. I think we may see Brunell by the third quarter....

Muumuuman said...

Well I had the 34 part right. Well done skins, indeed any bragging done by a Lions fan immediately causes a loss. I have to watch my mouth.