Thursday, October 11, 2007

Move over Steve DeBerg, Green Testicles is back!

Yes, the Panthers have signed 43 year old (soon to be 44) Vinny Testaverde. But no worries DeBerg, your record for being the oldest man on a roster in the SuperBowl (44, Atlanta Falcons 1998) is probably safe.


Andrew Wice said...

Not only is Vinny signed to Panthers, there is a good chance he'll be starting. Delhomme's finished, Davey-boy Carr is broken.

My advice to the Panthers? Bring some extra-thick eyeblack for Vinny when you go to AZ.

The Big Picture said...

if you add up the collective age of Deberg and Teste, they would be alive about the same time the plague was going around.