Sunday, October 07, 2007

D-Mark, Rockin' It in the Champions

There were folks, me included, who wondered if DeMarcus Beasley was taking a step sideways going to the Glasgow Rangers. The Scottish league feels like a league with two teams, really. What kind of competition was Beasley going to play against? I forgot about the Champion's League, and Beasley clearly didn't, because he's been playing some excellent football against tough competition.

The Rangers dismantled Lyon 3-0, and if you haven't seen the highlights then you might not know that Beasley assisted one goal, and finished the last one (thanks to a lovely/lucky assist from David Cousin).

Enjoy watching the American, playing for a Scottish team, completely working a well-regarded French team! I know it made me feel happy and junk. D-Mark's goal: great run, great touch (bad work from the keeper to not come out) and a superb finish. DeMarcus Beasley is proof positive that shipping our US players out is for the best. (Dear Europe: If you don't mark D-Mark, he will absolutely kill you). Watch him take it down with his right foot, finish with his left. Perfect.

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I love The Kid