Thursday, October 04, 2007

MLB Playoffs are Kinda Stupid So Far

I say that as someone who has never been much of a fan of baseball. I went to Camden Yards once whilst in high school, and it was beautiful and fun. I've been to the Metrodome for a Twings game every once in a while (I was there for Cal Ripken's 3000th hit, which was awesome). I have developed a loving relationship with the Twins over the last few years, and maybe it is their odd-feeling unplayoff season that has me unsettled.

Or maybe it is because these games, thus far, haven't been very compelling. Aside from the play-in game between the Padres and Rockies, there hasn't been much in the way of interesting games. Josh Beckett was impressive for the Sox, sure, and 8 innings of shut-out baseball may be compelling to some degree. But how about a close game?

Today's games:

Right now, the D-Backs are up 4 runs on the Cubs, with an inning left to play. That will probably go final before I even finish my point here.

The Indians (classy sign seen in the stands: "Not in Our Teepee") spanked the Yankees 12-3. Now, I like to see the Yankees get beat as much as anyone who hasn't sat in Shea does. I hate the Yankees. But I would have much preferred a game with some spark of a chance for the Yankees, and then seen them crushed. For a game to be over, for all intents and purposes, by the 5th inning, isn't that exciting.

The Phillies got crushed by the Rockies today, 10-5. This game was almost over by the 4th inning, and then it was definitively over by the 6th inning.

So, as the scores stand right now, the winning teams have been the losing teams by a combined 30-12. Not a close one in the bunch. The Phillies and the Cubs are essentially already done. This point could become a jeremaid against the Wild Card, but the fact is that the Rockies are dominating a Division Winner, and almost every sports prognosticator picked the Yankees to win in 5, so losing a game, no matter how horribly, in Cleveland fits with their predictions.

All I'm saying is that I hope the most compelling game this postseason isn't a game that technically counted as regular season.

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Peteygocaw said...

Were we at that Twins/Baltimore game together BBM? If you remember, Garwood livened it up by screaming obscenities during the Hormel Hot Dog Row of Fame ceremonies... something about them scabbing out their union?